Bell End Wanking Mens Kink & Perv Institute

This pic (taken around 1920) was found in the archives of Durham  County Council and gives a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of the people of Durham mining communities in the early 20th Century…Famous as being the site of the world’s first Wanking Men’s Kink and Perv Club, Bell End is a small former pit village in County Durham.  The Wanking Mens Movement was founded here in 1912 by Albert Hardcock and a small group of determined masturbators.                                            Prior to 1912, life was hard in the mining community.  The only entertainment on offer were knitting and crochetting clubs run by the local Methodist Church.  Here burly miners, exhausted after a 12 hour shift in the pits, would knit and crochet willy warmers under the watchful eye of the vicar’s wife.  Whilst it was essential to protect their penises from frostbite during the harsh Durham winters, many men thought there should be more to keep them entertained on an evening.                                                                                                                                                                                              And so, under the leadership of Arthur Hardcock, the Wanking Mens Movement was born in 1912.  “Enough is enough!” cried Arthur, “Let the women keep our cocks warm. We demand entertainment”.                                                                                                                                                                             “BEER, BONDAGE AND BEAT YOUR MEAT”  was the rallying cry. Thousands answered the call, Wanking Mens Clubs began to appear throughout the Durham Coalfield and Arthur Hardcock was thereafter known to the world as “THE PITMAN PERVERT”.

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